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Money Topics For Parents

Money Topics for Parents

Money Topics for Parents

MakingCents is a financial literacy program for primary children aged 7-12 and includes curriculum materials to support teachers and guidelines for parents. Financial literacy is now taught in schools so that children can learn this vital life skill for the future. It can be fun for the whole family to learn together about managing money. Financial education is important and we know that children learn most of their money habits from you - if you have good money habits, so will the mini money managers in your family!

MakingCents for parents

MakingCents Money Topics for Parents is written for parents who may want to brush up on their own money management skills, learn new things or keep up to date with the latest news. The topics may help you to talk and learn about money issues with your family and contain a wealth of tips and information. The topics are supported by prompt sheets which can be used to stimulate discussion or activities.

As well as learning about managing money for yourself, there are plenty of practical things that you can do in and around home to enhance the learning your child does in school. Our quarterly parents' enewsletter is filled with news and tips subscribe now.

Take a look at our list of money topics for parents

We would like to acknowledge the Centre for Popular Education at the University of Sydney who conducted research and developed financial literacy training for parents and the NSW Department of Education and Training for their input. We would also like to thank the parents who took part in the pilot workshops for their contribution and feedback and to the NSW Priority Schools Programs team who supported these pilots.

Making CentsBackground
Financial education - what is it and why is it important?

Research shows that primary school aged children
(7 - 12) are engaged in financial literacy activities such as saving money, making informed purchases, and learning about the implications of using mobile phones. They are also thinking about the impact of these decisions on the environment.

It is important for all young people to learn about consumer and financial literacy. Young people need to be able to make informed consumer decisions and manage their personal finances effectively.

The definition of personal financial literacy used for the MakingCents program is:

'being able to manage personal finances in a variety of changing contexts in life and society. It includes understandings, developing skills and exploring values in varying contexts about the impact on one's financial decisions on self, others and the environment.'

As a parent you will want to give your child every opportunity to succeed. Supporting your child's learning can make a huge difference. If you or any other adults in the family would like to know more about managing money see our list of topics for parents at the top of this page.

If you would like more information to read or to give to your school, Financial education - it makes sense explains why financial literacy is a vital life skill, why learning at an early age is important in today's fast moving world and why the MakingCents program was developed as part of a bigger education initiative between the YWCA NSW and Citi Australia.

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